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Poly Concrete Step Lifting and Repair

Step it up and call Poly Concrete Jacking for your concrete step lift today!

Are your concrete steps sinking, cracking, and unsafe to walk on? Let us at Poly Concrete Jacking help you quickly and efficiently lift them up with our environmentally friendly and permanent polyurethane foamjacking technology.

Repair your steps with Poly Concrete Jacking

Why are my steps sinking?

There are many reasons that can cause sinking of concrete slabs. Most of the time it is caused by soil under the concrete steps settling, washing away, or shrinking causing a void (space) to develop under the concrete. The soil is what was supporting the steps, and without it there, the steps sink and become uneven leading to cracks and unsafe conditions.

Poly Concrete Jacking can help!

Small holes are drilled into the concrete slab, and we inject our high-density polyurethane foam into that void (space) under the steps enabling us to lift those uneven, sinking steps back into level position making them safe for use. Once the steps are lifted, we fill and seal the drill holes that were created. Curing of the foam only takes about 15 minutes, so you will be able to use those steps the same day of repair.

Here at Poly Concrete Jacking, we offer several different foam formulas that are all moisture and decay resistant and are specifically designed for certain applications.

Contact Poly Concrete Jacking today to schedule a repair estimate and get those steps leveled and safe for use!