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Poly Concrete Sidewalk Lifting and Repair

Lift your sidewalk with Polyurethane Concrete Jacking

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Do you trip and almost fall using your sidewalk to walk to your car or around your house? Bumpy ride for your children when trying to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk outside your home? Tripping hazards and uneven areas in your sidewalk make it unsafe for use. Let Poly Jacking Concrete help you get rid of those safety issues by lifting and leveling your sidewalk today!

Common Causes of Sinking or Uneven Sidewalks

  1. Soil washout beneath the concrete
  2. Poorly compacted fill soil
  3. Soil moisture changes

All of these common causes can lead to creation of a void (or space) under the concrete, concrete slab settlement, and ultimately cracked, uneven, and sinking sidewalks.

Poly Jacking Concrete Can Help!

Using our high-density polyurethane foamjacking technology, we quickly and efficiently lift and level your sidewalk making it safe for use. We first create multiple small holes using a special drill into the sidewalk. We then inject the polyurethane foam through those drill holes and into the space underneath allowing us to lift and level the concrete back into normal position.

Lastly, we fill and seal those small drill holes leaving you with a beautiful, safe, and level sidewalk!

Poly Jacking Concrete’s polyurethane formula is waterproof, permanent, and is made of recycled materials. It is lightweight and will not overburden unstable soil. We offer several formulas designed for different applications.

Repair and lift your sidewalk with Poly Concrete Jacking

Get rid of that tripping hazard and contact Poly Jacking Concrete to schedule your repair estimate and sidewalk leveling today!