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Poly Concrete Porch Repair & Leveling

Want to enjoy sitting on your porch but can’t because of an uneven, sinking, or sloping concrete slab? Poly Concrete Jacking is here to help!

Poly Concrete Jacking uses state-of-the-art polyurethane foamjacking technology to safely, quickly, and cost-effectively lift and level your porch preventing further foundation damage and getting rid of potential tripping hazards.

What causes my porch to sink?

Poor foundation preparation of the land underneath the porch when it was installed led to an unstable bed for the concrete slab. Over time, natural settling of the ground underneath the slab occurs and with the porch lacking that support, this causes sinking on one or both sides of the porch.

Erosion from gutters and downspouts placed close to the porch leads to the washing away of the soil the foundation was resting on and causes sinking of your porch.

Poor grading when the house was built making the property slope toward your house instead of away from it can lead to excess water and foundation erosion.

Porch settlement from these causes can lead to the pulling away of the concrete slab from the home, the porch sinking to one side making the slab tilt and can throw off the symmetry of your home.

How can I fix my sinking porch?
Fix your sinking porch with Poly Concrete Jacking

Poly Concrete Jacking can repair your porch using a method called concrete jacking without having to replace the porch. This process involves small 5/8-inch holes being drilled into the concrete and a high-density polyurethane foam is injected through those holes to the space underneath the porch. The polyurethane foam expands and replaces the soil that settled or was washed away and lifts the concrete slab. Once the porch has been lifted back into a level position, the drill holes are filled and sealed leaving you with a safe and functional porch.

Our high-density polyurethane foam is made of recycled eco-friendly materials that will never lose density and shrink. Our product is available in several formulas that are designed for different applications making it easy to find the right one for you.

Get one step closer to enjoying your porch and contact Poly Concrete Jacking to schedule a repair estimate and porch leveling!