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Poly Concrete Pool Deck Repair & Leveling

Serving Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia & Virginia

Repair your pool deck with Poly Concrete Jacking Level your pool deck with Poly Concrete Jacking

Cracked, sinking, and uneven pool deck tripping you up and keeping you from safely enjoying your pool? Poly Concrete Jacking can help!

Stubbing a toe on uneven concrete is less than desirable. Tripping and fall hazards around a pool caused by sunken sections of concrete needs to be repaired to prevent potential injury. Luckily, Poly Concrete Jacking can repair your pool deck using an eco-friendly, specially formulated polyurethane foamjacking technology to raise and lift your pool deck quickly and efficiently without having to endure the high costs of concrete tear down and removal.

Why is my pool deck sinking, uneven, or cracked?

Pool decks are one of the most common concrete structures to settle and sink. This is usually caused by improper compaction of the soil when the pool was placed. Settlement of the soil underneath the pool deck over time creates a space, or void, under the concrete and lowers the concrete slabs creating potentially dangerous trip hazards.

Raise your patio with polyurethane concrete jacking
  1. Small 5/8-inch holes are drilled into the sinking concrete slab.
  2. High-density polyurethane foam is injected into the drilled holes expanding in the space underneath the pool deck and lifting the concrete up into a level position.

Poly concrete jacking raises your concrete slabs
3. The drilled holes and seams are filled and sealed leaving you with a beautiful and safe pool deck for you and your family to enjoy.

Our polyurethane foam is made with recycled materials that will never decay, it will never lose density or shrink, and is light weight so it does not over burden unstable soil. We have several formulas specifically designed for different applications.

Get back to safely enjoying your pool and Contact Poly Concrete Jacking to schedule your repair estimate and pool deck lift today!