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Poly Concrete Patio Lifting and Leveling

Creating the perfect patio takes time and planning, as well as money. Discovering unsightly cracks or gaps in your backyard retreat can be frustrating as well as costly to fix. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may even be unable to keep chairs, tables or grills on it for fear of instability.

Lift Your Patio with Poly Concrete Jacking

Do You Need Patio Lifting & Leveling?

If cracks, gaps or sloping that plagues your concrete patio runs alongside your home they may also be letting unwanted pests in or moving excess water toward your foundation.  Foundation settling can be a true structural emergency for your entire home. Concrete patio problems often arise due to poor construction or a lack of iron reinforcement. Poor drainage is another common cause of patio settling.

Poly Concrete Jacking's concrete experts will be able to tell you exactly what the problem is and in most cases be able to fix it with a special grout mixture that adheres to your concrete and fills in any gaps in your soil. Concrete patio lifting & leveling is a low-cost alternative to replacement and, more importantly, actually addresses the underlying cause of the problem, preventing it from re-occurring.

Causes of Cracked or Sinking Concrete Patios

The condition of the soil that underlies your concrete patio is a critical factor. Loose soil, air gaps and soil instability can all contribute to cracking of concrete slabs. Once cracks develop, moisture seeps in and the damage can begin to progress more rapidly. Unless these issues are addressed, concrete damage will continue, eventually rendering your patio unsafe, unsightly and potentially unusable.

Poly Concrete Jacking Can Help!

Poly Concrete Jacking’s polyurethane product is made of recycled materials and is moisture and decay resistant. Our polyurethane foam will never lose its density or shrink. It is lightweight and will not overburden unstable soil. We offer several formulas designed for different applications.

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