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Poly Concrete Garage Floor Leveling and Repairs

Sinking garage floor getting you down? Let us at Poly Concrete Jacking help pick you and that garage floor back up!

Raise Your Garage with Poly Concrete Jacking

Signs you may have a problem with your garage concrete slab:

  • Gaps in the garage doors
  • Light coming in through the door in areas you hadn’t noticed before
  • Cracks in the garage floors and/or garage columns
  • Uneven, sloped floor

Garages are assets to your home and property, and keeping it a usable space is essential. Poly Concrete Jacking can quickly and efficiently lift, stabilize, and level your garage floor using our foamjection technology, eliminating the need for any costly demolition or concrete removal.


Why is my garage floor sinking?

Garage slabs settle for a variety of reasons including water erosion, settlement of soil, and foundation problems. Settling is a natural process as the weight of the structure is causing the ground to compress underneath it creating a void, or space, underneath the floor. Accumulating water around and underneath the concrete slab caused by improper downspouts and inadequate waterproofing systems make this problem worse over time, and leads to sinking and settlement of the garage floor.


How Do I Fix It?

Poly Concrete Jacking injects our high-density polyurethane foam through the concrete slab and into that space (void) underneath the concrete through small holes we drill. As the polyurethane is injected, it foams up, solidifies, and raises the slab back into position. Once the concrete slab is lifted to its original position, the drill holes we created are filled with concrete and the cracks in the floor are filled and sealed as well. This method prevents further sinking while also preventing water damage from occurring underneath it without a negative environmental impact.

Poly Concrete Jacking’s polyurethane product is made of recycled materials and is moisture and decay resistant. Our polyurethane foam will never lose its density or shrink. It is lightweight and will not overburden unstable soil. We offer several formulas designed for different applications.

Lift up your spirits, and your garage floor, and Contact Poly Concrete Jacking to schedule your garage floor leveling and repair estimate today!