Servicing: MD, PA, WV and VA

Poly Concrete Driveway Repair & Leveling

Poly Concrete Jacking can quickly and efficiently raise, stabilize, and level your driveway

Serving Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia & Virginia

Has your driveway become sunken or uneven? Poly Concrete Jacking can quickly and efficiently raise, stabilize, and level your driveway surface using foamjection technology.   At Poly Concrete Jacking we inject polyurethane which reacts and expands to fill voids and raise the concrete eliminating the need for demolition or concrete removal.

What causes sinking driveways?

Changes in the soil beneath the driveway such as erosion is the most common cause for sinking. The erosion removes the soil under the driveway creating a space under the concrete. Poor yard draining into the driveway including clogged gutters and downspouts can worsen the erosion. Other causes such as settlement of a new driveway, heavy equipment such as a truck or RV or poorly compacted ground could cause the concrete driveway to sink and crack over time.

Why Poly Concrete Jacking?

Repairing surface cracks and patching areas of your sunken driveway will not adequately repair the underlying problem. Our driveway leveling process is fast and will prevent future sinking. We accomplish this concrete lifting by drilling small holes into the concrete slab and injecting high-density polyurethane to spread out into the space and lift the slab up. The drilled holes are patched with concrete and ready for use.

Poly Concrete Jacking’s polyurethane product is made of recycled materials and is moisture and decay resistant. Our polyurethane foam will never lose its density or shrink. It is lightweight and will not overburden unstable soil. We offer several formulas designed for different applications.

If your driveway needs a lift, contact Poly Concrete Jacking today? to schedule your driveway leveling estimate and say goodbye to your ugly driveway.